Economics 590: Introduction to Quantitative Economics, Fall 2007

Instructor: Jeremy Sandford

Office hours: M 4-5pm, F 8-9am in 335L Gatton
Lecture: TH 12:30-1:45pm, 308 B&E
Exam dates: Tuesday, October 23rd (in class), and Tuesday, December 11th from 1-3pm (BE 208)

syllabus,     set notation appendix,     notes on how to write proofs


Tuesday, December 11: Final exam, 1-3pm, room 208

Thursday, December 6: dynamic programming examples, HW8

Tuesday, December 4: dynamic programming examples, applications

Thursday, November 29: dynamic programming

Tuesday, November 27: growth model, steady states
Reading:Manuelli lecture notes, see esp. chapter 2.
Homework 8, not collected. Some answers

Tuesday, November 20, Thursday, November 22: No meeting

Thursday, November 15: Dynamic optimization, the growth model

Tuesday, November 13: Kuhn-Tucker theorem, concavity and optimization

Thursday, November 8: Inequality constrained optimization
Homework 7, answer sketches

Tuesday, November 6: Equality constrained optimization

Thursday, November 1: Equality constrained optimization

Tuesday, October 30: Equality-constrained optimization
Homework 6, answer sketches

Thursday, October 25: Unconstrained optimization

Tuesday, October 23: Midterm, Answers

Thursday, October 18: no meeting

Tuesday, October 16: review

Thursday, October 11: (semi)definiteness of matrices
Correction of a proof done in class

Tuesday, October 9: quasiconvexity, hessians and concavity

Thursday, October 4: Convexity, quasiconvexity

Tuesday, October 2: Derivatives as linear approximations, functions from R^n to R^m
Homework 5, answer sketches

Thursday, September 27: Derivatives in R^n, directional derivatives

Tuesday, September 25: Limits of functions, formal definition of derivative on the real line

Thursday, September 20: Economic applications of sequences and series
Homework 4, answer sketches

Tuesday, September 18: Sequences, notions of convergence, Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem

Thursday, September 13: Weierstrass theorem, examples and applications

Tuesday, September 11: Open and closed sets and their properties, finite, countable, and uncountable sets
Homework 3, answer sketches

Thursday, September 6: Euclidean metric, open sets

Tuesday, September 4: Ordered sets, suprema and infima, metrics
Homework 2, answer sketches

Thursday, August 30: Functions and some properties

Tuesday, August 28: Complements of sets, convex sets, functions
Homework 1, answer sketches

Thursday, August 23: Introduction, sets and their properties